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Fine Arts

St. Malachy strives to educate the whole child by meeting their interests in art, music, and performing arts.


Through our St. Malachy Annual Gallery student learn to appreciate the importance of art. Teachers expose and inspire students within the classroom to be creative, to discuss techniques, medium, and output of the students’ work. Art is not solely a separate entity, it is also integrated throughout the core curriculum.


Music lesson are given to all students within the allotted time. In additional to in class music lessons, students are encouraged to join our school choir. The choir accompanied by the school, praise and worship God in our weekly mass. Music has been woven into core areas of curriculum.

Performing Arts

In addition to art and music, St. Malachy offers students an opportunity to perform. Annual Christmas and Spring musicals are planned and offered to students. Through these programs students build and learn character, acceptance, motivation, and perseverance.

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