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CHAMPIONS of St. Sebastian Sport Project Annual Soccer Tournament

May 20, 2019 by Admin

Logo-80x80After endless hours of drills, running, kicking, and shouts of encouragement, our St. Malachy Girls and Boys Soccer Team participated in the Annual St. Sebastian Sport Project Soccer Tournament. It was a full day event filled with fun, excitement and tormenting anxiety.

Through every match, parents and love ones were on their feet cheering and egging on both the teams. Both put forth every inch of faith, strength and knowledge into each game, displaying huge amount of pride, dedication, courage, and heart. With these qualities, our teams successfully completed all games and were triumphant.

Our girls team played through the disqualifying round, tying in the last game, and went into penalty kicks. One kick at a time would made it more exciting and apprehensive. In the end, our Ladies Knights went on to championship and successfully earned 2nd Place.

 On the other end, the boys team also played a thrilling game, taking them directly into the championship game. Again, every pass and every kick made the crowd rise from their seat and howler with excitement. The outcome of the final score was, Goooooal! St. Malachy boys are the CHAMPIONS! Champions for two consecutive years.

The entire faculty, student body, parents, and school community extend a round of applause for the excellent effort and job well done. We are very proud of our St. Malachy Soccer Teams.   CONGRADULATIONS!

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