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End of the Year Fieldtrip

June 20, 2018 by Admin


zooA fieldtrip to the LA Zoo always creates enthusiasm and happiness within the hearts of children. It’s no different for our St. Malachy children. On Monday, June 18, 2018 students, parents, faculty, and staff ended the year with a visit to the LA Zoo.

The fieldtrip was a perfect way to continue fostering a sense of family and community. It is through this fieldtip that the entire school was able to celebrate a year filled of accomplishments and successes. The happy expressions our students displayed made every challenge, struggle, and obstacle we all faced worthwhile.

The fieldtrip would not be possible without the help of Big Yellow Bus Donor. The donor generously donated 4 buses to accommodate the entire student body, facutly, staff, and parents. We sincerely thank them for making this event possible and unforgettable.

It was a magnificent way to end the year! Thank you to all.


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